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The reason I registered here is that the server I had an account on before didn't respond to pings for 3 days, I thought it was shut down. But today I see that it's back up and running. I will write from it for now:
Thanks to the podminas for their work.
#Fediverse #Frendica #Hubzilla etc. #social #future
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I enjoyed Friendica but found it cluttered with extra features I would probably never use. Hubzilla was impossibly complicated, and again, lots of features I'd likely never use. Even though we cannot yet truly "migrate" from one pod to another, I love my diaspora for it's simplicity and "user friendliness." Thanks for keeping in touch from whatever account / platform you're on!

It's too late to drink Borjomi when your liver's gone.

Pentagon seeks books on Russian military strategy

#NATO #USA #US #Pentagon #war #fail on #ukraine #russian #military #study

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Russia has overtaken Germany and Japan in terms of GDP. Special military operation is increasingly useful.
I repeat, this rise is also due to the resources that used to flow to Western countries.

#SMO it's growth #GDP #economy #russian #Russia

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About the lies of the Western media

Despite the fact that the Ukrainian authorities themselves have already stated that the missing children have been found, and not in Russia, but in Germany (,
Western media continue to lie about the “missing children” and blame Russia.

#ukraine #ukrainian #Western #lie #hutzpah #germany #Russia #blameRussia #children

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@Allan ? 🤣 🤣 🤣 Do you really get your information from this american dump? In our country, even in Ukraine, most people know about the cosmic lies of this resource and don't refer to it so they don't look like a jerk to their friends..-)
I gave you the undisputed sources of the Western Lie, and you're giving me some stinking garbage. It's not nice.
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shrug. It was one example that happened to be close by, no different from many others from many other sites. As I said: on a weekly basis. Meanwhile you're giving me your personal website which is, I guess, the dumpster for your lifelong pursuit of misinformation.

But I tire of this nonsense. I mute you now.

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About Ukrainian War Crimes

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