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Protestation, this isn't place for you...

Dear Protestation account owner,

I'am open to host personal accounts of free peoples, who want's to share their ideas, experience or opinions.
But I'am not willing to provide my personal resources to anyone, who's promoting ideology of communism, collectivism or any other ideology.
The reason, why I'am not willing to provide space for this or any other *ism is, that first 18 years om my live I spent in socialistic country. Then, in 90's I spent a short time in more free society. Unfortunately, since new millenium, the communism is returning back in Europe. This time from west. We already are in situation, that life quality nowadays is worse than life quality in original Czechoslovakia, where I was born.
Promoting this ideology you are serving to cheaters, thieves, mass murderrers.
Thus, I am going to cut off Protestation account from my server.

#Czechoslovakia #communism #freedom

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Díky za podporu. Ve skutečnosti je těch závadných ideologií více. A za svůj život jsem si už ověřil, že jediné za co stojí bojovat je svoboda a s ní související odpovědnost za svůj život.
Pokud chybí svoboda, pak člověk nemá nic.
(Nezaměňovat svobodu s anarchií.)

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@vihorlatmedia bohužiaľ, mnohí (a povedzme si, väčšina) pohodlne a pohotovo vymení slobodu za kus chleba...

Today is an anniversary of Soviet occupation of Czechoslovakia. Full coverage in media, I heard note several times in radio already last week and of course today.
On March 15 was the anniversary of German occupation of Czechoslovakia. The silence in media was deafing.

#Ukraine #Soviet #Czechoslovakia #Czech #occupation #bias #history

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